You pay the rent in advance. This means that you have paid the rent by the last day of the month at the latest. So, the rent for May, for example, is paid by 30th of April.
You can choose from the following payment methods:

1. Pay by direct debit.

If you don’t use this yet, but would like to, please let us know by email at Please note: this payment method is only possible if you have a Dutch, German or Belgian bank account number.

2. Pay by bank transfer.

When transferring, state your address and the month to which the rent relates. Please note that you owe the rent in advance. Therefore, make sure that you have transferred the rent for February no later than February 1, the rent for March no later than March 1, and so on.

3. Pay via Transfermate.

Useful if you want to pay from your local bank account or with your credit card. TransferMate lets you make international payments to SHWJ/SUWB in your own currency while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates. You can find more about this secure payment method on the tenant portal