How to use the portal

Help with the different pages on the portal

You can arrange a number of things yourself via our Tenant Portal. Among other things, you can add a ticket to our helpdesk, change your payment details or cancel your rental contract via the ticket system on your personal page on the portal and more. Below you will find an extensive manual with references.

Help, I see the portal in the Dutch language. How do I change it to English?

If your contract is from before 2022 you need to fill in your nationality in the portal to view it in an translated English version.

If you don’t have access to the portal, click on

  • I have lost my login details

If you are logged in, go to (1) ‘Wijzig gegevens’ and select (2) tab ‘Huurder’.

Scoll down to (3) ‘Nationaliteit’ and click on (4) to open the list of nationalities. Select your nationality and…

click on (5) ‘Opslaan en volgende’ at the bottom of the page.

Log out and log in again. You should now see the portal in English.

The Landing Page

On your landing page you will find links to all relevant subpages to view, edit or add information to.

1. My Details
Under ‘My Details’ you can add or change your personal details like email and phone numbers.

2. My Residence
Under ‘My Residence’ you can find details about your apartment and manuals referring to appliances in the apartment.

3. My Tickets
Under ‘My Tickets’ you can add a ticket if you need to contact us. By adding a ticket, we can quickly estimate which employee or external specialist we should assign to you.

4. Payments
If you are looking for how you can pay the rent, you can find information and references here.

5. My Documents
Under ‘My Documents’ you will find relevant documents that we share with each other.

6. Proof of Affiliation
Once a year you will receive an email from us in which we ask for Proof of Affiliation. This proof should be uploaded here.

7. Cancel Contract
Here you can cancel your rental contract.

8. Notifications
Here you can see if there are new messages or notifications.

9. Choose Language
Here you can choose between Dutch or English.

1. My Details

1. My Details
Under ‘My Details’ you can add or change your personal details.

There is a Tenant-Tab, Payment details – Tab and Attachment- Tab

A. Tenant –  The most important changes you can make here are a change of telephone number and your email. Keep them up to date so we can reach you for information or in case of a calamity. We also use this email to react on your tickets.

B. Payment details –  Initially you have provided those to SCIS at the start of your contract. If you decide to change your payment methode you can check your methode here so we will know that you have changed your payment details.

C. Upload  –  Initially this page is used by SCIS to send us a proof of identity.

2. My Residence

2. My Residence
Under ‘My Residence’ you can find:

A. Payment ID code –  This is the code you can provide with a payment if you use Transfermate as preferred payment.

B. Documents –  Manuals for the equipment in your apartment.

3. My Tickets

3. My Tickets
You can find current and resolved tickets under My Tickets. When you add a ticket, you can select a subject which is closest to your question, so we can quickly assign the right person to be of assistance to you.

Under ‘My Tickets’ you will find:

A. Description –  Here you will see the sort of request you have made a ticket for. If you hover over the text, you will see the request in full.

B. Contact person – When you add a ticket, it starts with a pending agent. Based on the ticket type, we designate the right employee as the contact person for that ticket for your convenience.

C. Status –  The status of your ticket.

D. Ticket number-  The ticket number for reference.

E. Info –  Opens the new ticket, here you will find the full ticket, replies and attachments specific to that ticket.

F. Ticket pages –  All your previous tickets you have added via the portal.

G. Add a new ticket –  Opens a new ticket

When you click on G. Add new ticket, a new tab will open where you can add a new ticket.

H. Choose a subject – Choose a topic that comes closest to your question. If it is not listed, choose ‘Other’.

I. Description – Describe your question or complaint as accurately as possible in this field.

J. Attachment(s) –  If you would like to add a photo or document to your ticket, you can do so here. When it comes to multiple photos or documents, you must select and add them all at once.

K. Submit ticket –  When you click on submit, your request will be sent and will be added directly to your tickets. We strive to process new tickets on a daily basis and to send them out to external parties where necessary.

L. More information – Before submitting a repair request, read the ‘Repairs under service agreement’ document carefully. This states who is responsible for which defects. Also take a good look at the house rules that belong to your apartment. These can be found in the documents under ‘My Residence’ in the portal, or via under the heading ‘I am a tenant’ at the residential complex that is relevant to you.

4. Payment

4. Payment
Under ‘Payment’ you can find:

A. Payment ID code –  On this page you will find your unique ID code to be used if you choose Transfermate as preferred payment.

B. Link to Transfermate- When you want to pay via Transfermate, just follow this link.

5. My Documents

5. My Documents
Under ‘My Documents’ you can find:

A. Documents –  Here you will find our shared documents. Click on the link to open them.

6. Proof of Affiliation

6. Proof of Affiliation
Once a year, you will receive a mail from us with the request to send us your ‘Proof of Affiliation’ before a specific date.
We also include the information on how to deliver a ‘Proof of Affiliation’ document in this mail.
The requested document ‘Proof of Affiliation’ need to be uploaded via this page.

On this page you will find:

A. Send before date –  The last date for which you need to send a ‘Proof of Affiliation’.

B. The Choose files button- to select your ‘Proof of Affiliation’ document to send to us.

C. The upload button –  After uploading the document, we validate your ‘Proof of Affiliation’ and will only contact you if we still have questions.

D. More Information –  Check these links if you have initial questions.

7. Cancel Contract

7. Cancel Contract
Under ‘Cancel Contract’ you can:

A. Select end date –  Select the end date of your rental contract here. Please note, your rental contract always ends on the last day of the month or on the 15th of the month, depending on the commencement date of the contract. (before the 15th or after the 15th of the month)

Notice period is one month. So make sure you cancel your contract before the end of the month or before the 16th of the month.

B. Add a comment – If necessary, you can comment on your cancellation or ask a question via this field.

C. Submit request – After you submit your request, we will contact you to confirm your termination request. You will also receive a step-by-step plan in your mailbox in which we start the process to complete the termination and transfer of your contract.