Lost My Keys

I have lost my key(s)

Have you lost an electronic (salto) key? Report this to our office by adding a ticket to your personal page on portal.suwb.nl. You will receive an email when the key for your apartment has been programmed. Then come to the SHWJ office and bring a valid ID. An electronic (salto) key costs €20.

I have locked myself out

Salto tags
If you lose your Salto tag (door key) or locked yourself out within office hours please report this to our office at +31 71 514 17 66.

If you lose your Salto tag or locked yourself out outside office hours (evenings, nights and weekends) you can report this to the same telephone number +31 71 514 17 66 and a new salto tag will be issued.

For security reasons, we ask you to identify yourself as a legitimate tenant of the apartment before we issue a new key or open the door for you.

Be aware that there are costs involved in losing your key or locking yourself out.

Within office hours Outside office hours Weekends
Lose key tag Price A + B Price A + C Price A + D
Locked yourself out Price B Price C Price C

A. Costs Keytag = € 20,-

B. Costs Personnel within officehours = € 50,

C. Costs Personnel outside officehours = € 80,-

D. Costs Personnel Weekends = € 160,-