Housing circulation policy

The SHWJ/SUWB actively pursues a housing circulation policy.
That is why we verify every year whether you are still registered as a PhD candidate at Leiden University or LUMC, or as a researcher at Leiden University if you rent a room at the SUWB.  We call this the ‘Proof of affiliation’ check.

You must upload this proof of affiliation annually via your own page on the SUWB tenant portal. You will receive an email with details when it is time to upload your Proof of Affiliation.

PhD Candidate

If you are a PhD candidate you will be able to rent an apartment at Boerhaave Housing on the basis of a campus contract.

Campus contract

As a PhD candidate you are only able to rent an  apartment at the SUWB  if you are enrolled as a PhD Student (doctoral candidate) at Leiden University or LUMC . This means when you finish your studies, you have 6 months to leave your room. We call this the housing circulation policy. This way other PhD candidates also get the chance to live in an apartment during their studies.

Every year we check whether you are still registered with an educational institution when you are renting a room with a campus contract. We call this campus contract check.

No longer a PhD candidate?
If you no longer are a PhD candidate, you must terminate your tenancy agreement with a cancellation period with a maximum of 6 months from your defence date. This can be done via https://portal.suwb.nl. If you are unable to prove that you are enrolled as a PhD candidate, SHWJ/SUWB will terminate the tenancy agreement in accordance with the provisions of the campus contract.

(guest) Researcher

Fixed-term rental contract

If you are a (guest) Researcher, you will have a fixed term rental contract with a maximum duration of two year..

No longer a (guest) researcher?
If you are no longer a (guest) researcher, you must notify us and terminate your tenancy agreement with a maximum notice period of 3 months, provided this does not exceed the end date of your tenancy agreement.